Wicked Never Tasted So Good!

Wicked Donuts is a wickedly delicious donut concept which offers creative hand-crafted donuts made from the finest ingredients and sprinkled with a generous amount of Vegas glitz and rockabilly flair. We are committed to offering the highest quality delectables, and shy away from the expected. Our yeast-raised donuts are a new, heavenly creation inspired by classic buttery French brioche and the American fluffy donut. Every day we start with quality ingredients, add rich European-style butter and finish with infused glazes, icings, toppings and fillings.


What is the Wicked Donuts Universe?

Wicked Donuts was founded in Las Vegas, Nevada by Chef Robert Teddy, Master Pastry Chef featured on Food Network. Inspired by the pure rockabilly vibe — the music, the glitz, the temptation, the indulgence — and retro Vegas' Area 51, atomic testing, aliens, and it's unique touch of magic. The Wicked Donuts Universe is classically American and reminds us of the fun and excitement that life has to offer. #wickeddonutsusa


What's New At Wicked Donuts —

Blueberry Fritter 01.jpg

Holiday Flavor:

Chef came up with this fun TURKLEBERRY donut, perfect for the holidays! It's stuffed with cranberry cream and topped with strawberry crunch crumble, vanilla whip and chocolate sprinkles.

Blueberry Fritter 01.jpg

November Flavor:

Our latest Fritter Flavor is BLUEBERRY! Freshly picked blueberries bursting inside our famous fritters and slathered with Vanilla Blueberry Glaze.

Booberry Cheesecake.jpg

Halloween Flavor:

A ghost shaped donut covered with blue icing, white piping and stuffed with yummy blueberry cheesecake. Now through October 31!

Fang Fruity Crunch fingers1.jpg

Halloween Flavor:

This is how we make our FANG FRUITY CRUNCH for all you ghouls and gals. A strawberry raspberry treat to sink your teeth into. Plus a fang toy. Now through October 31!

Caramel Apple Cider Donuts 1.jpg

September Flavor:

Thick caramel drizzle covering an apple cider spice icing, topped with a dried red apple slice and powdered cinnamon dust.

Pumpkin Cheesecake 1.jpg

September Flavor:

Pumpkin spice cheesecake filling, pumpkin icing with a graham cracker crust and dollop of vanilla whip.

Purple Pumpkin 6.JPEG

September Flavor:

This is our version of PUMPKIN SPICE, but only for the holiday season! It's a pumpkin spice cake donut with purple ube icing and purple ube crumble on top. Ube is a purple yam. On trend and so yummy!

Hawaiian Drinks.jpg

August Flavors:

Enjoy YUM in the SUN with our new Hawaiian Donuts all month of August! This is a great way to celebrate the tropical summer heat and our one year anniversary! Sink your teeth into Pina Colada, Mai Tai, Hawaiian POG (passion fruit, orange, guava) & LiMango. We also have our popular Pineapple Fritters and Guava Cheesecake.

Delivery Service 04.jpg

Now you can get our yummy donuts all over Vegas direct from our kitchen with our flat fee delivery service. Plus the product prices are less than the delivery services! Place your order on the online ordering page. And businesses, contact us for our VIP Service.

American Apple Pie1.jpg


Celebrate freedom with the AMERICAN APPLE PIE donut, the Chef Robert Teddy creation that serves up the goodness of mom and the old red, white & blue. The donut is the "crust" which is loaded with delicious apple filling, topped with cinnamon sugar pie crust lattice and vanilla whipped topping! Available July 2, 3 & 4 only!

The Sparkler.jpg


Celebrate the 4th of July with THE SPARKLER donut...a fun treat from Chef Robert Teddy made with cherry icing, fruit punch Pop Rocks™, star spangled sprinkles and an American flag! Available July 2, 3 & 4 only!



Our BIG DADDY donut arrives for Father's Day! Filled with coffee liqueur creme, chocolate icing & sprinkles, topped with a Ferrero Rocher chocolate ball nested in vanilla whip along with a pipette of Kahula. This one means business.

Rainbow Donut 03.jpg

Our OVER THE RAINBOW donut for June Pride Month is literally a rainbow with a blueberry compote center, sky blue icing, vanilla whipped clouds with a chocolate bluebird in flight.



Celebrate and honor this weekend with our special ALWAYS REMEMBER donut with white chocolate chips, sprinkles and blueberry in the center. 20% OFF entire order for Veterans & Military with military ID.



There's a new fritter in town, BISCOFF BANANA! Filled with fresh banana chunks, slathered with Boscoff butter cookie glaze, a caramel drizzle, then topped with a banana slice and a Biscoff cookie! SO wickedly delicious!



Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with our Nacho and Margarita Donuts! The Nacho is a cheesy dream and made to order with a side of salsa. The Margarita glaze is tequila infused with salt crystals, lime curd and a pipette of tequila & triple sec mix.

Pistachio Latte Donut 1.jpg


Pistachio for Spring!

Another Special Feature this month and a perfect donut and latte for springtime. The subtle sweetness of pistachio with just a touch of lemon. This is a pistachio cake donut  drenched in a pistachio lemon glaze. Topped off with crushed pistachios. The latte infuses pistachio with coffee and is topped with a delicious salted brown butter crunch.

Donut Cereal Bowl 03.jpg


The original Cereal Bowl Donut™ created by Chef Robert Teddy is a new way to eat your cereal. Just add milk, eat the cereal, drink the milk and then eat the spoon AND the bowl! It's hilariously fun and the bowl doesn't get soggy!

Do'boy Sandwich Art 04.jpg


Introducing our new breakfast egg donut sandwiches called a Do'Boy™. These are made to order and available in four egg options!

Egg + Cheese

Egg + Cheese + Bacon


Egg whites+Feta+Spinach