What's New At Wicked Donuts


Another Special Feature this month and a perfect donut for springtime.

The subtle sweetness of pistachio with just a touch of lemon. This is a cake donut infused with pistachio and drenched in a pistachio lemon glaze. Topped off with a sprinkle of crushed pistachios.

Introducing our new breakfast egg donut sandwiches called a Do'Boy. These are made to order and available in four egg options!

Egg + Cheese

Egg + Cheese + Bacon


Egg whites+Feta+Spinach


glazes, icings, toppings and fillings. Our exceptional donuts are created for grownups and kids of

all ages. Wicked Donuts is owned and operated by Chef Robert Teddy, a master pastry chef

featured on Food Network. #wickeddonutsusa

Wicked Donuts is a wickedly good gourmet donut concept which offers hand crafted donuts made from the finest, real ingredients and sprinkled with a generous amount of Vegas glitz

and rockabilly flair. We are committed to offering the highest quality delectables

and shy away from the expected. Our yeast-raised donuts are a new heavenly creation,

inspired by classic buttery French brioche and the American fluffy donut. Every day we start

with quality flour, organic/hormone-free milk, add rich European-style butter and finish with infused  


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