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Wicked Never Tasted So Good!

Wicked Donuts is a wickedly delicious donut concept which offers creative hand-crafted specialty donuts made from the finest ingredients and sprinkled with a generous amount of Vegas glitz and rockabilly flair. We are committed to offering the highest quality delectables, and shy away from the expected. Our yeast-raised donuts are a heavenly hybrid of classic French brioche and the American fluffy donut. Every day we start with quality ingredients, add rich European-style butter and finish with infused glazes, icings, toppings and fillings.

Who Are We? 

Inspired by the rockabilly vibe and the indulgence of Las Vegas, Wicked Donuts was founded in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2014 by Chef Robert Teddy, local celeb featured on Food Network. Beginning small with a secret recipe and a few flavors, Wicked Donuts grew in popularity until a retail store was finally realized in 2020 during the start of the pandemic. The Wicked Donuts Universe is classically American, quirky and ever-expanding. #wickeddonutsusa


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