I'm Robert Teddy, Founder and Executive Pastry Chef at Wicked Donuts, winner of Halloween Wars and featured chef on Food Network shows. Many of you know that my current project of giving back is Wicked Donuts in Las Vegas (and beyond). 


This is my dream. Not only for our community but as a way to give back. One of our plans is to help retired military become a part of the Wicked Donuts business. While the Coronavirus and current social unrest has threatened to kill this dream, I know that these impacts go far beyond the delays and obstacles it has created for myself, my business and employees. It is so much bigger than that. So much worse than that.


But it's not just about Wicked Donuts, it's about all of us. I want to start using Wicked Donuts for one of the things it was created for: making people happy. Taking care of ourselves and each other has never been more important. That is why Wicked Donuts has created the "A Thank You in Every Donut" program. It is an opportunity to come together as a community, help a local business overcome this crisis and say thank you to our local frontline workers that continue to serve us through this disaster, risking their own lives every day. Our fire fighters, medical and emergency workers, military (active/retired), and law enforcement deserve continued gratitude.


Even now there can be joy. "A Thank You in Every Donut" is how you can make this troubling time a little bit better, a little bit sweeter. Join me by gifting monthly donuts for a year to frontline workers where your name and email will be included on a thank you card every month*! First Responder recipients include local medical hospitals, emergency units, VA Hospital, fire stations, police stations, and Nellis Air Force Base. We will be opening in a few short weeks and I can't wait to see what we can do together! Join us in giving back by saying THANK YOU in every donut!


Confectionately Yours,

Robert Teddy 




Wicked Donuts will deliver half a dozen donuts to First Responders* every month for 1 year with a thank you card from you!



Wicked Donuts will deliver our signature 9 donuts box to First Responders* every month for 1 year with a thank you card from you! You will also receive a free donut every month for life at our flagship store!**




Wicked Donuts will deliver a dozen specialty donuts to First Responders* every month for 1 year with a thank you card from you! You will also receive a free donut every month for life at our flagship store** and your name will be added to our Thank You wall! 

Select an option above or visit our

A Thank you in Every Donut GoFundMe 

* Every month a different fire station, police station, hospital unit and emergency response team will be selected in the Las Vegas valley to receive donuts sent from you! This begins upon our opening. The Wicked Donuts team will do its best to make all deliveries pending further pandemic waves and acts of God. Wicked Donuts is not a 501 (c) 3.

** Offer begins upon the opening of Wicked Donuts. Every free monthly donut expires if unclaimed and does not rollover. This offer is not transferrable and is limited to our Classic donuts.

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